Canine Conditioning Fitness – Level 1

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Welcome to our Canine Conditioning Fitness – Level 1 course!

The course is comprised of short videos demonstrating how to work through the various fitness components necessary for your dog to achieve their CCF – Level 1 title through Do More With Your Dogs.

The process is easy:

  • Learn at your own pace following our instructional videos.
  • Join and post your practice videos and questions in the private Pooch Partners Sparks Privacy Facebook group.
  • When your dog is ready, record them doing each component and submit the video for evaluation using the Assignment link.
  • Continue until you have successfully been evaluated for all of the required components.
  • Apply online for your dog’s CCF title..
  • After your dog has achieved their CCF1 title you will be eligible to request access to our free CCF2 course!

    Don’t forget to watch the Facebook group for any scheduled Lives!

    As with any physical fitness activity you should always check with your vet to ensure that there are no medical concerns that may restrict your dog’s abilities to do any of the exercises, and always use your common sense.