Demo – Circle Check Me Out

Once you are comfortable playing the cicle check me out game and are growing trust in your dog, you may want to progress to using a long line, first holding it, and then dropping it. Then as your confidence and trust in your dog grows and your dog’s value in YOU grows, you may want to go off lead. There is no set time line – it really is up to you to determine when the trust and confidence exists, and of course, you have a safe environment to play off lead with your dog.

This video shows Sila playing this game dragging his long line, and Suka playing off lead. Remember when playing this game that you can, and should, mix it up with other games. I used some proximity vortex with Sila on some returns to me, sometimes a game of catch, etc. Mix it up and remember the key is that YOU KEEP MOVING so that you are more interesting to your dog than the environment you are competing with. Have fun!