DMT – Level 1

Distraction – Mark – Treat …DMT is an amazing gameQ! When your dog notices ANYTHING we want them to ignore it and carry on as it is none of their business. DMT is the game to achieve this! When you dog notices anything, that is the “Distraction”. You then “Mark” them looking at it with a calming word such as “nice”, then follow it up with a “Treat”…thus “DMT”

If your dog has a struggle with a specific trigger (i.e., other dogs, animals, people, etc.), the specific trigger would be the distraction that you would mark when your dog is looking at it, then follow up with the treat. Don’t worry if they don’t take the treat…continue saying your calm marker word and move away from the distraction. It is not unusual for a dog to not be able to take food due to their increased arousal, be it excitement or fear.

Level 1 is critical so play it for as long as needed to get your dog to acknowledge your marker word…don’t be in a rush to level 2.

Like something to refer to? Download this Game Card